This has truly been an amazing journey!  Coming from someone with no background or knowledge in creating websites, HTML, plugins, add-ons, etc.. I have learned so much in this class.  From creating a domain, to setting up the WordPress platform, and creating a number of other collaborative tools that support research. I can’t believe I actually accomplished all this in one semester!  It was challenging and frustrating at times, due to technology constraints, and of course, trial and error.  Nonetheless,  I pulled it off.  I must say, in the beginning I never thought I could do any of this.  Other times, I felt like quitting, and pulling out my hair, in that order.  However, I did not give up. I kept putting in the effort, and asking questions to accomplish the assigned tasks. In the end, hard work and dedication are the key.

I would be remiss if I didn’t give a “shout out” to an amazing Professor.  I have to take a moment to recognize, and thank my Professor, Dr. Gretchen Beasley, who tirelessly supported me along the way, and gave me the confidence to do my best. Her knowledge and skills, in the field, and her ability to train students, in Digital History, are truly awesome!  Without her support, guidance, and dedication, it would not have been possible for me to accomplish the goals and expectations of this class.  Thank you, Dr. B., for all your assistance. I really appreciate you.  

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