Describe your past or current research process.

What does your typical working process look like?

First, I identify the topic I want to know more about. Then, search for background information about the topic, through internet searches, library databases, google scholar, online books, and peer reviewed articles. Next, a careful review of the information is done to determine its relevancy to the topic, or if the information leads to other sources that may be useful.  The last step is to evaluate the sources, for credibility, and cite used sources in the reference section.

What platforms or systems do you use to organize your research and writing?

Generally, I use Microsoft  Office tools to develop notes, brainstorm, and organize my thoughts, and finalize the paper.  In addition, relevant sources are downloaded from an internet search engine to review.  During the review, notes are taken to capture any information that may be useful to the research. Adobe Acrobat is used to review the downloaded PDF documents.  To create citations, I use citation machine which offers a variety of format options for references.

Are there aspects of your personal process you want to change or improve?

Change is always welcomed.  Whether it is new technology, or new reference material.  I am open to new ideas.   If there are alternative ways of gathering information that work for me, I will definitely alter my current process and try the new ones to improve the final paper.

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5 Responses to Describe your past or current research process.

  1. Kara says:

    Hey Joanne!
    Your process is absolutely perfect! That is what they teach us to do exactly in school every year. I try to do my best but I’m definitely not on your level yet. Hopefully, through time and more experience, I can be like you and really dig for information.

  2. Emma Fleming says:


    Your website looks great! I got some ideas for my future research process from your post. I am more familiar with Google tools, such as Google Docs and Google Slides, but I would like to look into using some Microsoft Office tools now that you have mentioned them. I also use Citation Machine! The ads on the website can be annoying, but it always gives you what you need in the end.

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