How do you define History?

I define history as a review and evaluation of stories, artifacts, people, and events that have happened in the past that influence current values, and spark interest or require clarification, or discussion based on current knowledge.

I am interested in learning more about “The African slave who taught America how to vaccinate itself from smallpox”, and “What Was the Zanj Rebellion?”.

The African slave who taught America how to vaccinate itself from smallpox

African American history and plight is very important to me. Culturally, it helps to inform the values, rituals, and beliefs black people exhibit today. I would like to explore more about how slave efforts and ingenuity that helped inform those societies. Specifically, I am interested in whether or not their contributions were welcomed or implemented into mainstream practices.

What Was the Zanj Rebellion?

I am interested in this slave rebellion because I was not aware of it.  My extent of slavery stems from the Western colonial perspective.  I am curious to know if there were any “ring leaders” named in the revolts, and how the revolt was resolved.

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